Some of Our Current Projects Include:

Water Main Replacement A2

We are working with Aqua Ohio to replace approximately 4,200 LF of 16” water main along West Avenue in Ashtabula, Ohio

West 58th Street 16” Waterline Replacement B2

We are working with Aqua Ohio to replace 1,700 LF of 16” waterline on West 58th Street in Ashtabula, Ohio.

West Ave 16” Waterline Replacement B1

We are also replacing an additional 1,200 LF of 16” waterline for Aqua Ohio on West Avenue in Ashtabula, Ohio.

Cascade Street Water Main Replacement

Chivers Construction has been contracted with Erie Water Works to replace approximately 1,000 feet of 8" water main along Cascade Street including fire hydrants, service connections, and all road and curb restorations.

Hopkins Road 16" Water Main Replacement

Another water main we are in the process of replacing is in Mentor, Ohio on Hopkins Road, where we are under contract with Aqua Ohio for the replacement of the 16" water main, along with service connections and restoration.

Owens Way, South Avenue, Cedar Street & Spruce Street Sanitary Sewer Line

A project consisting of 1,181 feet of sanitary sewer line is underway in Bradford Township, with Chivers Construction as the General Contractor.

Corry Waterline, Valve & Hydrant Replacement

Located in Corry, PA, this project involves the construction of approximately 28,000 feet of water line with all appurtenances.

ECMS 78580 US 6 Tributary #4 French Creek Box Culvert

This PennDOT project of a new precast box culvert over a French Creek tributary will also include new roadway approaches and guiderails.

Perkins Drive/Low Ridge Lane 8" Water Main Replacement

This Lake County, Ohio project involves the replacement of 8" water main, along with the related service connections and restoration.

ECMS 109165 SR 2015 Box Culvert

Chivers Construction has been contracted to install a precast reinforced concrete box culvert over Halls Run Creek in Venango County. This includes new roadway construction using superpave asphalt, guiderail and pavement markings.

East Avenue Water Main Replacement

Located on Erie's east side , this project will replace approximately 1,100' of water main on East Avenue and East 12th Street.

Camp Meeting Road Sewer Extension

This Allegheny County project involves the construction of 8,000 LF of gravity sewer, 2,000 LF of force main sewer, and 46 precast concrete manholes, including site restoration.

ECMS 110195 Replacement of Treatment Plants at Rest Areas

At two rest stops along I-79, we are performing site demolition, clearing and grubbing and topsoil stripping, as well as excavating and backfilling of utility trenches and installing a new manhole. Also included is the construction of new treatment plants and new control buildings. This project is located in Deer Creek Township in Mercer County.

Route 8 Sanitary Sewer Extension

Route 8 in Union City is undergoing the installation of approximately 965 feet of HDPE and 374 feet of PVC sanitary sewer, including manholes and service connections.

Pleasant Ridge Park Water Storage Tank Construction

We are in the process of the construction of a unique glass-fused-to-steel potable water storage tank along with the installation of 5,100 LF of ductile iron pipe water line, valves, and hydrant assemblies at Fairview Township's Pleasant Ridge Park.

Millfair Road Project

This $12.5 million project along the Millcreek/Fairview township line will include construction of two 115-foot bridges over the Norfolk Southern and CSX tracks and a single-lane roundabout at Millfair Road and Route 5. The intersection of Millfair and Route 20 will be widened to add two left-turn lanes from Route 20 to Millfair Road, and a new traffic signal will also be installed.

Brush Creek Plant Consent Order Improvements

Located in Irwin, PA, this two year project involves installing a new 7.0 million gallon precast, prestressed concrete equalization tank, new raw sewage & wetwater pumping & screening facility with a peak hydraulic capacity of 45 million gallons per day.

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