Chivers Construction Company, Inc. offers equal opportunity to its employees and applicants for employment based on qualification and merit and without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, sex or age (except where sex or age is a bona fide occupational qualification). This policy shall be followed in recruiting, hiring, appointment and promotion into all position classifications.

All managers and supervisors of Chivers Construction Company, Inc. shall be advised of this policy in writing and in meetings, and shall on an annual basis be reminded of the existence of this policy. A record shall be made of such reminder. Evaluation of supervisors' and managers' work performance will include a review of their adherence to the Equal Opportunity Policy.

Chivers Construction Company, Inc. is also committed to the utilization of minority- and women-owned business enterprises to the fullest extent possible and feasible in all geographical locations.

To apply for a position with Chivers Construction Company, please download and complete the application and email to

PLEASE NOTE: You must download and SAVE the application to your computer first BEFORE completing it, or it will not save your information.

Commercial Driver's License Endorsements:
H Required to drive a vehicle with hazardous materials placards (you must be 21 years of age).
N Required to drive a tank vehicle.
T Required to drive double and triple trailers.
P Required to drive a vehicle designed to carry 18 passengers or more including the driver (buses).
S Required to drive a school bus. Designed to carry 11 passengers or more including the driver.
X Represents a combination of hazardous materials and tank vehicle endorsements (you must be 21 years of age).